Boehner Refuses to Use Power of the Purse, and hence, He Must Be Primaried

The Ohio Accountability Project and the Dayton Tea Party have the right idea.  John Boehner should yank Barack Obama’s Mastercard and refuse to fund pet programs such as Obamacare, which was illegally passed to begin with.   If Obama can implement his twisted agenda through technicality and smoke and mirrors, then those who stand for fiscal sanity can thwart his chicanery every step of the way with equally adept subtlety and finesse.   If not, then Mr. Boehner may indeed need to be sent back home, and replaced by someone who actually represents the best interests of the constituents in the 8th Congressional District of Ohio and of the people of the United States of America.

Video Uploaded to You Tube by Ohio Accountability Project

(H/T:  Christian Newswire)


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